Habits package

This package of weekly sessions is designed to help you develop habits that are aligned with your goals and in particular:

  • Provide insights into your conscious habits of thinking and behaviour
  • Develop new habits for goal-oriented actions to minimise the effort required to maintain the goal on a long term basis
  • Reform unhelpful habits that may be sabotaging your success

Key benefits:

  • Insights into unconscious habits
  • Techniques for developing habits in the future
  • Support for habit generation
  • Enables self-regulation

What’s involved:

  • Minimum of 4 coaching sessions on a weekly basis
  • Insights into the neuroscience of habits
  • Exploration of goals and actions required to achieve those goals
  • Identification of habits that are having an impact on your success – negatively and positively
  • Introduction of techniques to reform unhelpful habits and establish new habits

Your investment in this programme will start from £360 dependent on frequency, length and format of sessions as well as the type of habits that you would like to work on