Abilities Programme

This 6 week programme is appropriate if you want to work on specific behaviours or response patterns that are having an impact on different aspects of your life. By tackling these behaviours you will:

  • Increase your awareness of yourself and others for better relationships
  • Improve your ability to respond proactively rather than reactively
  • Increase your self-belief to be able to handle situations
  • Improve your overall performance and sense of well-being

It is helpful to have a specific goal to work on for which the desired change in behaviour will have an impact. This provides a motivational focus as well as providing an opportunity to apply and embed the new response patterns.

The programme will provide:

  • Insights from selection of behavioural profiling tools to analyse your natural style and preferences
  • An introduction to a variety of self-awareness tools for exploring your unconscious conditioning, core drivers and belief systems
  • Guidance in using self-management techniques to create new habits of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Ongoing actions to embed new patterns for responding proactively
  • A means of reviewing the impact of the changes in order to inform further areas for development and growth

What’s involved:

  • Preparation – exploration questionnaire & profiling questionnaires as agreed
  • Initial session – review questionnaires, establish expectations and practicalities, introduce self-awareness tool and identify first steps
  • Ongoing sessions – review progress, reflect on learnings since last session, introduce new tools and techniques and agree next steps
  • Post programme follow up – a 30 minute follow up session to be scheduled within six months to review progress and learning points from your experience

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