Purpose Programme

This 3 month programme is particularly helpful where you are seeking a deeper insight into your core purpose:

  • To transform your life
  • Where you are less clear about what you want to achieve specifically but know you want to change from where you are now
  • Where you want to instil meaning into what you do to feel fulfilled and satisfied
  • Where you want to define an overall direction for all aspects of your life

This programme will provide:

  • A baseline review of your current life balance and priorities
  • A motivational vision for your future life direction
  • An introduction to long term planning tools
  • A DISC behavioural profile report to understand your natural style and how that is influencing your life
  • A values elicitation to uncover your core motivations that drive your actions and behaviours
  • An introduction to a variety of self-awareness tools to explore unconscious motivations and beliefs

What’s involved:

  • Preparation – discovery questionnaire & DISC profiling questionnaire
  • Initial session – review questionnaires, establish expectations and practicalities, introduce life review tool and identify first steps
  • Ongoing sessions – review progress, reflect on learnings since last session, introduction of self-exploration and planning tools and agree next steps
  • Post programme follow up – two 30 minute follow up sessions to be scheduled within six months to review progress and learning points since end of programme

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