Coaching for Businesses

“You don’t build a business, you build people and the people build the business.” Zig Zaglar

We provide bespoke programmes within the overall context of ‘creating a business culture to deliver commercial success’. Programmes are developed to meet your objectives incorporating the latest neuroscience research and its insights into harnessing the power within our brains.

The programmes work on a top down or bottom up basis, or simultaneously, depending on where the challenges and opportunities exist. They are targeted at three different levels:

  • Overall business – establishing a positive culture to drive the commercial vision
  • Teams – harnessing the power of collaboration – the whole being greater than the sum of the parts
  • Individuals – maximising performance, promoting well-being and building resilience

Programmes are built up from a selection of modules some of which are detailed below and can be delivered in a variety of formats including company days, team workshops and one to one coaching.

What our clients say


Build culture as a business asset to:

  • Embed ‘trust’ that will allow full collaboration, loyalty and creativity
  • Empower individuals to strive for success
  • Encourage full personal responsibility
  • Enable learning and insights from all parts of the business

Establish the “Why” to:

  • Define the overall context for the business and the behaviours that need to be in place to deliver it
  • Provide clarity – explicit not implied
  • Enable alignment within all relationships – internal and external
  • Set a context for all key decisions
  • Inspire loyalty – in staff, clients and partners


Building cohesive teams to:

  • Promote healthy relationships & reduce conflict
  • Develop better communication, internally and externally
  • Enhance performance

Leadership skills to:

  • Develop team capability
  • Allocate responsibilities to natural strengths
  • Align business needs to leadership skill set

Mindsets for Growth to:

  • Empower individuals to seek success in face of failure
  • Encourage entrepreneurial thinking at all levels
  • Enhance performance, motivation and loyalty


Performance coaching to:

  • Develop habits that deliver results
  • Increase motivation
  • Enhance specific capabilities

Resilience coaching to:

  • Manage stress in the moment and overall
  • Develop ability to respond proactively
  • Overcome inner resistance and fear
  • Enhance performance

Emotional intelligence coaching to:

  • Engender full collaboration and engagement
  • Enhance communication and coaching skills
  • Manage conflicts and build healthy relationships
  • Build self-esteem

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