Islanda Business

“You don’t build a business, you build people and the people build the business.” Zig Zaglar

We provide bespoke programmes within the overall context of ‘creating a business culture to deliver commercial success’. Programmes are developed to meet your objectives incorporating the latest neuroscience research and its insights into harnessing the power within our brains.

The programmes work on a top down or bottom up basis, or simultaneously, depending on where the challenges and opportunities exist. They are targeted at three different levels:

  • Overall business – establishing a positive culture to drive the commercial vision
  • Teams – harnessing the power of collaboration – the whole being greater than the sum of the parts
  • Individuals – maximising performance, promoting well-being and building resilience

Programmes can be delivered in a variety of formats including company days, team workshops and one to one coaching.

What our clients say

Our most popular services:


Business Club

A collaborative networking programme for business owners and managers to develop business skills and take the business to the next level


Vision & Values

A company workshop to define the ‘why’ of the business against which all company decisions, operations and behaviours can be determined and measured


Mastermind Programme

A programme to develop brain-friendly organisations with higher levels of emotional intelligence drawing on insights of human behaviour from the latest neuroscience research


Team Building

A programme designed to support businesses in improving the performance of its people through improved communication, collaboration and decision-making