About Us

Over 20 years we have created a happy family and home together whilst independently pursuing our own different career paths.

We both trained as Chartered Accountants with PwC where we developed solid foundations in understanding businesses and delivering client service. From there, our career paths diverged as we pursued our respective passions: Lisa in understanding how people’s behaviours can be harnessed to drive change and build success, and Dan in understanding the business and people-driven aspects of media and entertainment.

We are now collaborating in a professional capacity through our business, Islanda, where we pass on our collective skills, wisdom and experiences to others seeking to achieve the success they desire. We achieve this primarily through our unique range of development programmes.

Lisa Allen

I have been interested in human psychology from a very early age, being an avid reader of psychology-based books as well as being someone who others sought out for advice and help. However, with a natural ability for numbers and a personal drive to achieve independence and financial security, I followed a more traditional route.

Dan Allen

I have a strong belief in the power of people to drive change when their passions and abilities are combined and focussed. I also have a strong belief in, and understanding of, the power of popular culture of all kinds – particularly TV, music, movies, and sports – and the impacts popular culture has on people and their behaviours.