Build better relationships and communicate more effectively

Purpose of workshop:

To understand people better in order to communicate more effectively to achieve the best outcomes


  • It provides an understanding of:
    • Different Communication styles and how the different styles interact
    • Behaviour patterns associated with the different styles
    • The gifts and challenges of the different combinations of styles
  • It explores:
    • Clues and tips to identify the different behaviour styles
    • Ways of improving communication across all styles in order to:
      • Manage the differences that could cause conflicts
      • Improve the effectiveness of communication and
      • Improve rapport in relationships
    • Ways to modify your own behaviour style to suit different situations with different behavioural styles

Feedback from participants:

“Thank you. We really enjoyed the session and found it interesting. Your presentation style was engaging and thought provoking.”

“We will keep this tool and techniques in mind when speaking to new contacts and in improving current relationships.”

“Thank you very much. Plenty of useful and considered conversation ensued after the session.”

“It was a really enjoyable and useful session which made me more mindful of myself and how I interact with others.”