Strategy day to build strategies for working together and allocating responsibilities

“You wouldn’t believe the changes that have happened since Monday. The impact of the session was felt as soon as we left as we discovered so much about each other and found a way to communicate more effectively.”

“We both wanted to say a big THANK YOU for Monday’s session. We cannot underestimate how invaluable this has already been – we are already seeing the changes put into practise in the way we discuss what we’ve got to do and our priorities – and that’s without the 30 minute open and honest conversations kicking in!.

It has made us aware of each others’ style and appreciate those styles and will enable us to understand each other so much better. We thought we would just be allocating roles but we achieved something far greater and more valuable.

Thanks once again for an amazingly insightful, thought provoking and fun day.”

From Me to You, Not for Profit Organisation