Career development

“I was keen to focus on my career development and with Lisa’s guidance, I have now identified the career I wish to pursue and the steps I can take to achieve this. I feel that I have achieved a lot in a short space of time, given that prior to the sessions, I wasn’t working and felt directionless. After our first session, I realised that I had made some decisions which were not in my best interests, so I reconsidered my strategy and quickly found suitable employment which, although is not in my chosen field as later identified, did nevertheless fulfil my immediate goal of financial security. At the latter stages of the coaching sessions, it also became apparent how important my overall well-being is to me and that I had been neglecting this area of my life.

The coaching sessions have really helped me to identify my core values and in doing so, made me aware that there is a reason for my sometimes inhibiting behaviours (procrastination), which I now know arise due to a conflict vis a vis what I think I should be doing and these values. The sessions also gave me strategies that I can continue to use.

Lisa’s style of coaching was perfectly tailored to me. Her methods and approach were very clear from the outset and the sessions were conducted with me always in the driving seat. Despite occasionally stepping out of my comfort zone, I always felt safe and reassured by Lisa’s combined attributes of professionalism, relaxed friendliness and encouragement and I consider myself very fortunate to have been coached under her wise and compassionate guidance.

Overall, I feel that this was an extremely positive and edifying experience, arming me with a greater understanding of myself which will allow me to move forward with confidence and self-belief. I feel more equipped to make the right decisions for me and moreover, will feel comfortable in making those decisions or taking a particular course of action.”

Eileen, London

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