Create better working practises and re-balance life

“It is not an exaggeration to say that my life has been transformed as a result of my coaching sessions with Lisa. As a result of her guided process I have set and achieved goals that I would not have thought possible just 12 months ago.

For instance I have managed to break through a serious writer’s block and have completed a number of work projects that were stalled due to this, including the joint production of in-house training materials and the completion and successful delivery of two external presentations. I have also set new financial goals and am working towards a retirement plan. Finally, and significantly I have transformed my home office and have created order and routines that enable me to be more productive and less stressed with work projects and home administration.

I have also had insights into what I had hitherto considered to be character faults (primarily procrastination). Due to her skilful questioning I realised that I need to be more conscious of the reason I was procrastinating in certain areas of my life. I also discovered that I was putting some decisions off as I felt I had insufficient information but the reality was that when I got into the habit of making decisions, the situation improved dramatically. For instance I recognised that I needed to sell a property that is not going provide a return on my time and financial investment. There is still much to do, however I am confident that I am on the right path and am very pleased with the plans I now have to meet new and exciting goals in the future, for which I am indebted to Lisa.”

Cindy, Animal Welfare