Islanda Business – Culture

People build businesses, emotions drive people; 

Your CULTURE helps people connect to your business at an emotional level

Are your vision and values defined and understood?

Are your people aligned with them? 

Are the conditions right for them to be at their best?

Our Culture Programme addresses these questions with a rewarding and enjoyable approach.

How does it work?

Our programme will enable you to define and embed a culture that will deliver success.


We help you to define clearly the vision and values of the business against which decisions, operations and behaviours can be determined and measured


We facilitate the alignment of your people with the defined vision and values


We show you how to create an environment that supports the vision and values of the business 

Why now?

The following mega trends are driving the demand for an increased focus on building a positive culture

  • In a more competitive world businesses are seeking new ways to stand out from their competition
  • In an increasingly stressful world businesses are focussing more on reducing or eliminating work-related stress
  • Businesses are increasingly recruiting people based on culture rather than skills. “Hire the attitude, teach the skills”

“If you hire people because they can do a job they will work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they work for you with blood, sweat and tears.”


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