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Businesses perform significantly better if they focus more on getting the best out of their people

“You don’t build a business, you BUILD PEOPLE; And the people build the BUSINESS” Zig Ziglar

Are your people aligned with your vision and values?

Are they being the best versions of themselves? 

Are their minds set for growth?

Our MasterMind Programme addresses these questions with a rewarding and enjoyable learning approach. As a result, you will see positive, tangible and permanent changes in your people as they become masters of their own minds and more effective fr your business and for themselves.

How does it work?

Our programme will enable your people to build your business by focussing on three different levels within your organisation: 


We ride your people’s self-awareness and their ability to act more intentionally


We improve the way your people interact with others


We show you how to create and environment that supports the behaviours you desire in your people

Why now?

The following mega trends are driving the demand for an increased focus on building people in business:

  • Increased emotional intelligence is now proven to be the most effective way for ambitious businesses to develop an ‘edge’ in an evermore complex and competitive world
  • People are increasingly seeking more purposeful career choices that are aligned with their own values
  • People and businesses are seeking and increasingly understanding the benefit of reducing or eliminating work-related stress

“Islanda’s MasterMind Programme was a powerful and inspirational series of workshops. The entire team developed as a whole as well as individually. Lisa is a natural.” 

MD, Jancett Group

“Lisa has been inspirational for me, my staff and the children in my school. Her passion shines through and is infectious.”    

Head, St Peter’s School, Croydon

“When it is fun, you work harder. When you work harder, you get better.” 

Eddie Jones, England Rugby Coach

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