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Welcome to Islanda: Where Futures Begin

, a family business founded by Lisa and Dan Allen, is dedicated to empowering clients in forging brighter futures for themselves and their communities through the cultivation of enriched minds.

If you, your team, or your business aspire to shape a better tomorrow, look no further. You’ve arrived at the perfect starting point.

Islanda Co-Founders, Lisa and Dan Allen - About
Islanda - Creating Environments In Which People Thrive

Welcome to Islanda: Where Futures Begin

Islanda, a family business founded by Lisa and Dan Allen, is dedicated to empowering clients in forging brighter futures for themselves and their communities through the cultivation of enriched minds.

If you, your team, or your business aspire to shape a better tomorrow, look no further. You’ve arrived at the perfect starting point.

Islanda Co-Founders, Lisa and Dan Allen - About

Meet Our Family

Lisa Allen - Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of Islanda

Lisa Allen

Leadership Coach

Dan Allen Business Development and Co-Founder of Islanda

Dan Allen

Business Development

James Allen Trainee Coach

James Allen

Trainee Coach

Brainy - Islanda's Mascot



Lisa Allen - Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of Islanda

Lisa's Story

From a young age, I’ve held a keen interest in human psychology, delving into psychology-based literature and often being approached for guidance and support by others. Yet, despite this passion, my inclination towards numbers and a strong desire for independence and financial stability steered me towards a more conventional path.

I pursued a degree in Mathematics at Bristol University and became a Chartered Accountant with PwC in 1992. My career advanced swiftly, ascending the ranks towards partnership. Working in London for a premier business advisory firm provided me with a diverse array of enriching experiences along the way.

While it made perfect sense to utilise my talents in this manner, what was lacking was a genuine passion for the work, leaving me plagued by a sense of ‘imposter syndrome‘. Moreover, whenever someone outside of my professional sphere inquired about my job or sought assistance with tax or accounts, I felt my enthusiasm wane and my energy diminish.

Consistently perceived as the ‘structured‘ individual, I found myself assuming this role in every aspect of my life – within my family, amongst friends, and in various voluntary positions I held. Driven by a strong sense of duty and a desire to assist others, I always honoured my commitments. However, this began to take a toll on me, demanding considerable willpower and self-motivation.

Amidst a particularly challenging period, I sought counselling. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this marked the outset of my personal journey towards self-discovery, leading me to identify my purpose and core values.

In short, I began searching for hints in activities and experiences beyond my typical ‘skills‘ or ‘duties‘, such as the genres of books I favoured, preferred destinations, sports I enjoyed, and other leisure pursuits.

Lisa Allen - London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride
Lisa Allen - Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Now, I’ve amalgamated my passions for understanding people and creativity, my knack for logical analysis and structure, and my varied life and business experiences to establish Islanda. We assist individuals in discovering their purpose and harmonising it with all aspects of their lives, fostering a sense of energy and fulfilment. I am confident in living out my purpose because whenever someone, be it a friend or acquaintance, inquires about my job or seeks my assistance with a personal challenge, I am invigorated. Engaging in conversation feels effortless, and it never resembles ‘work’.

Dan's Story

Having a partner with a profound understanding of how our minds function and can be enhanced for future benefits is truly advantageous. Much like Lisa, I embarked on my career journey as an accountant, not driven by a clear purpose, but rather as the next logical step because of my proficiency in mathematics and some vague aspirations of working “in the city” – partly influenced by my father, a blacksmith, who discouraged me from following in his footsteps.

I, too, underwent a process of self-discovery to unearth what truly ignites my passion. It became evident to me that it was popular culture in all its forms – particularly television, music, movies, and sports – that held my fascination. Whether by chance or subconscious inclination, I found myself predominantly immersed in the realms of popular culture, particularly television.

Dan Allen Business Development and Co-Founder of Islanda
Dan Allen - Photography

My career journey thus far spans across various industries, encompassing a diverse array of disciplines, employers, and partners. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with global media enterprises, leading professional firms, SMEs, and start-ups. Among the notable organisations I’ve been associated with are FremantleMedia, PwC, BBC, ITV, Bertelsmann, RTL Group, Channel 4, Pearson plc, Marks & Spencer, Amigo Technology, and Jamie Oliver.

Recently, I co-founded Sort, a pioneering youth careers platform aimed at empowering and inspiring young individuals to discover careers that resonate with their passions and interests.

In addition to my contributions to Islanda and Sort, and my advisory role with other start-ups, I initiated a YouTube channel dedicated to my longstanding affiliation with the local cricket club, Sanderstead CC, spanning over three decades. Remarkably, it has garnered immense popularity, elevating Sanderstead CC to perhaps the most renowned local cricket club globally! This endeavour is a genuine labour of love, and I readily admit to investing an inordinate amount of time into it. However, there’s a possibility that it could revolutionise the funding model for grassroots cricket clubs and enhance their impact on local communities.

ICAEW Chartered Accountant
Dan and James Allen - Cricket

James' Story

From a young age, I’ve held a fascination with human behaviour and the intricacies of how individuals navigate life. Over time, my understanding of people has largely been shaped by my involvement in sports, particularly cricket. I’ve found that my friends frequently turn to me for support and guidance, a role I wholeheartedly embrace. It’s only recently that I’ve made the decision to formalise this inclination and pursue a career as a coach.

When I enrolled at Southampton University, I lacked clarity about my future path. Consequently, I opted for a degree in Geography – a subject I excelled in and thoroughly enjoyed during my school years. Upon graduating in 2019, I found myself still grappling with uncertainty about my career direction. However, two certainties remained: my passion for sports and my satisfaction in assisting others with their challenges.

In contemplation of my future, I sought counsel from my mother, Lisa, a respected and qualified coach whom I deeply admire. It dawned on me: what better pursuit than to embark on a career in coaching? This way, I could harness my passion not only to aid my friends but to benefit a broader spectrum of individuals.

On a personal level, my university years presented their own share of trials. I underwent a brief yet profoundly beneficial period of counselling, which not only guided me through challenging times but also underscored the significance of seeking support when in need. This experience reshaped my perspective on helping others, as I realised the potency of open communication – a concept I hadn’t fully grasped before, having always been the one offering assistance rather than seeking it.

James Allen Trainee Coach

Sport, my second greatest passion in life, sparked the concept of engaging in the development and implementation of the Islanda Sports Mastermind Programme. It has become my ‘mission‘ to craft a robust programme designed to sharpen the minds of sports teams, enabling them to achieve peak performance and outmanoeuvre their rivals mentally. This endeavour fills me with immense excitement, and I eagerly anticipate the journey of exploration and innovation ahead. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about collaborating with individuals to assist them in defining and accomplishing their own personal ‘missions’.

Accredited By The Coaching Academy - DISC Certification

Brainy's Story

In 2019, following the completion of our Islanda branding, we embarked on a journey to develop learning resources that would captivate, educate, and inspire. Our goal was clear: to create materials that were not only engaging but also served as enduring reminders of valuable lessons. Instead of conventional handouts, we envisioned keepsakes that people would proudly display, serving as prompts for continued growth and reflection.

Brainy Powerful - Islanda's Mascot
Brainy Notice Yourself - Islanda's Mascot

Central to our mission was the recognition that our behaviours are intricately linked to the workings of our minds. We believed that by harnessing the power of our intellect, we could shape better lives and brighter futures. Hence, the motif of “Better Minds, Better Futures” became the cornerstone of our logo, with Brainy—a character embodying the essence of our message—taking centre stage.

Brainy symbolises the universal truth that resides within us all: the untapped potential of our minds. Regardless of age, gender, or cultural background, Brainy serves as a representation of inclusivity and unity. Through a series of collaborations with Fatih, a talented illustrator from Turkey, Brainy came to life, evolving over the years to convey a multitude of emotions and messages.

Designed to transcend barriers, Brainy is a character of neutrality, adorned with accessories but eschewing clothing. This deliberate choice reflects our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that Brainy resonates with individuals from all walks of life.

Today, Brainy stands as the beloved mascot of Islanda, gracing our products and materials with its presence. More than just a character, Brainy embodies our ethos—a reminder that within each of us lies the power to shape our destinies and become the best versions of ourselves.

Brainy Joy - Islanda's Mascot

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