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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain​

Are You Living Your Best Life, Your Way?

Do You Feel Stuck or Have a Sense That There’s Something More?

For many years, success has been associated with academic achievement and accumulation of wealth.

However, with our brain’s ability to adapt, the positive feeling associated with achieving status, qualifications or material items is short-lived as we adapt to our new situation.

We believe that, as a result of this, more people are feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled and are searching for something more.

Our discovery process will help you reflect on your whole life to identify your core purpose and values, the key source of intrinsic motivation and energy. Through aligning these with what you do  – personally and professionally – you will feel more fulfilled, happy and perform your best, focussed on what’s important to YOU.

“I'm so, so grateful to have been introduced to Lisa at a time when I really needed some help! I've been feeling completely stuck, wrapped up in a mini quarter life crisis in terms of understanding who I am and where I'm going. I was drained and unsatisfied in my previous role, and looking to utilise a period of being furloughed to figure out my next move. I wasn't getting very far by myself but I can safely say that working through the Discovery Questionnaire with Lisa has been the most productive and energising use of my time! Lisa's guided introspection revealed a lot about what is really important to me, some of my more limiting thought patterns and behaviour drivers, as well as helping me to understand how I can address and rebalance them. I'm so excited to apply what I've learnt. I feel a lot calmer now whereas I was feeling fearful, confused and overwhelmed. I would highly recommend reaching out to Lisa if you want to make a change but are unsure where to start."


1-1 Coaching

Would You Like a Guide to Highlight Those Blind Spots, Encourage You to Take Action, and Provide Accountability?

Coaching is a powerful tool for accelerating self-awareness and identifying what motivates you, as well as what might be stopping you, from achieving success, whatever success means to you.

Your coach will provide a non-judgemental ‘safe’ space to explore what’s going on and help you to:

  • Understand yourself more consciously, identifying any blind spots;
  • Challenge unhelpful behaviour patterns and design more helpful patterns for success; and
  • Move forward more effectively using tips and techniques selected to suit your circumstances

“It was the best thing I have ever done, you were never judgemental and you really listened. I feel a lid has been lifted which was very scary as I had suppressed so much over the years but once it was out I felt a little lighter and began to understand myself, I feel a lot more positive and I am making small steps to live my best life. I would recommend it to everyone."


What to Expect

When Something is Unfamiliar, It Feels ‘unsafe’ and This Can Stop Us Taking Action…

Whilst each client’s journey is unique, we follow this well-honed process for 1-1 coaching:

  • Initial chat to understand what you are experiencing, what you would like to achieve and whether we mutually feel we can work together
  • Discovery session to understand YOU in the fullest sense – what’s got you to where you are now, your aspirations for the future and where you are on that journey
  • Further coaching sessions to develop strategies and actions to move forward 

The number of sessions will depend on what you would like to achieve and how much support you would like. For example, some clients use the coaching sessions to provide insights and once they have these insights they know how they want to progress. Others like to use the coaching sessions to explore how they will use these insights and prefer to be supported in taking the actions, and embedding new behaviour patterns, seeing their coach as an accountability partner and guide on their journey of self-discovery and transformation. 

All personal coaching programmes are tailored to each client enabling you to define exactly how you would like to engage including:

  • number of sessions;
  • where you meet – online, phone or in person; and
  • how frequently you meet

If you’re still not sure whether coaching is right for you, why not get in touch and explore how it feels – the initial chat is FREE and it will allow you to experience coaching in practice. You don’t have to commit anything, but if you don’t explore it you’ll never know.

Price: Discovery session £150 and subsequent coaching sessions £100

“I was stuck in a rut and felt completely lost. Lisa helped me find the answers within me and honestly, the ripple effect of working with her has been quite amazing. Very insightful, perceptive and just amazing."


“In such a short space of time I have achieved so much. If someone finds themselves in a position of 'I have so much more to give, but where do I start', then Lisa is the best person to bring out the best in you."


Self-Directed Training Course

Experience personal transformation at your own pace with our online self-directed training course, Permission to be YOU.

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