ISLANDA_ Coaching for Education and Schools

“Education is the most powerful weapon 

which you can use to change the world” 

Nelson Mandela

Wellbeing Program

You perform at your peak  when the emotional climate is right, and you are able to regulate your emotions and behaviours effectively.

Our wellbeing program puts wellbeing at the heart of education to develop a ‘culture’ for positive wellbeing that benefits the whole community.

Watch this taster video of a parent workshop

Are our children learning the life skills
necessary to thrive in today's world?

Is the emphasis on results and knowledge stifling curiosity and the love of learning?

Like us, anyone who has children in education can think of ways in which the current system – whether it be schools, colleges, training centres, academies, universities – can be  improved.

The best way is to develop those at the frontline of education – teachers, trainers and, in fact all the staff in the education setting so they are best equipped to model optimal behaviours and inspire others.

Islanda is working with leadership teams and educators in schools and colleges to inject energy into the education system. Our aim is to develop minds fit for living a happy and fulfilled life in today’s faster paced and more complex world.     

“Lisa has been inspirational for me, my staff and the children in my school. Her passion shines through and is infectious"
St Peter’s School, Croydon
“Islanda’s Mastermind Programme was a powerful and inspirational series of workshops. The entire team developed as a whole as well as individually. Lisa is a natural."
Managing Director

Our Services for Education

Our bespoke services to education providers, developed to address specific challenges being experienced, are focussed at three different levels:

  • Organisation as a whole and in particular how it’s culture is driving the results;
  • Teams; and 
  • Individuals

Leadership programmes to support leaders to: 

  • Manage their own lives and self-development;
  • Develop their leadership and emotional intelligence skills; and
  • Work more collaboratively within their teams 

Inset training workshops to support trainers to:

  • Overcome specific challenges;
  • Develop skills to enhance the learning experience for students; and 
  • Develop ways to manage their own health & wellbeing 

1-1 coaching sessions to support individuals to work in a confidential ‘safe’ space on:

  • Increasing self-awareness;
  • Achieving personal goals; and
  • Developing their skills 


Our Collaboration

Lisa is a co-founder and director of Journey to Success, a collaborative entity whose mission is to bring life skills to young people. We have combined our career coaching, emotional intelligence and gamification expertise to design engaging activities for young people. This will help them navigate their emotions, understand their skills and contributions, and plan for a better future. Our first product, recently demonstrated at BETT Show 2019, is an emotions game, “Navigate”, which aims to help players learn about emotions, understand their impact on behaviours and discover simple strategies to choose alternative responses. This is available to purchase on our tools page.

Emotions game:


“The coaching experience I had with Lisa  far surpassed my expectations. Lisa is truly one of a kind. The unique way she allowed me to explore both my professional and personal goals enabled me to make some important decisions, without inhibition and with a sense of confidence that I was lacking. She immediately put me at ease and gave me both the reassurance and guidance to talk about my professional circumstances and future vision.  Lisa’s warmth and careful questioning allowed me to understand what I held most valuable in my current professional role and where I saw myself in the future. In three words, the Journey to Success coaching sessions were ‘life changing’, ’empowering’ and ‘enlightening’. I cannot sing highly enough of the sessions and would highly recommend to anyone who would benefit from ‘seeing life in a much clearer way’ without judgement and in a supportive and safe environment”.

Teacher, Beacon School.

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