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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Wellbeing Programme

Our Wellbeing Programme transcends the conventional approach of offering wellbeing gift packs or occasional workshops.

It’s a transformative initiative designed to integrate wellbeing into everyday life, fostering new perspectives, decision-making frameworks, and problem-solving approaches.

Much like mastering the art of riding a bike, these skills become ingrained, offering sustainable benefits that permeate every facet of existence. It truly embodies the concept of a perpetual gift, continually enriching the lives of participants.

Taster Video of a Parent Workshop

You perform at your peak when the emotional climate is right, and you can regulate your emotions and behaviours effectively.

Are Our Children Learning the Life Skills Necessary to Thrive in Today's World?​

Is the Emphasis on Results and Knowledge Stifling Curiosity and the Love of Learning?

Like us, anyone who has children in education can think of ways in which the current system – whether it be schools, colleges, training centres, academies, or universities – can be improved.

The best way is to develop those at the frontline of education – teachers, trainers and, in fact, all the staff in the education setting so they are best equipped to model optimal behaviours and inspire others.

Islanda is working with leadership teams and educators in schools and colleges to inject energy into the education system. We aim to develop minds fit for living a happy and fulfilled life in today’s faster-paced and more complex world.

Parenting For Success Programme 

Our Parenting for Success Programme equips parents with the skills to support and guide their children in an empowering way that builds resilience and confidence to navigate complex emotions and regulate their behaviours.

Our programme recognises the challenges of social media and technology, ever increasing expectations and abundance of choice, all of which contribute to increasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Such conditions render the old paradigm of parenting with control and instruction as outdated. Instead, the new world demands a new paradigm requiring parents to step back, let go of control and create an environment for children to grow, develop skills and practise strategies so they can manage their own emotional experiences and challenges.

St Peter's Primary School

““Lisa has been inspirational for me, my staff and the children in my school. Her passion shines through and is infectious"

Head - St Peter's Primary School

jace training

“Islanda’s Mastermind Programme was a powerful and inspirational series of workshops. The entire team developed as a whole as well as individually. Lisa is a natural."

Managing Director - Jancett Group

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