ISLANDA_ Coaching for Education and Schools

“Education is the most powerful weapon 

which you can use to change the world” 

Nelson Mandela

Are our children learning the life skills
necessary to thrive in today's world?

Is the emphasis on results and knowledge stifling curiosity and the love of learning?

Like us, anyone who has children in education can think of ways in which the current system – whether it be schools, colleges, training centres, academies, universities – can be  improved.

The best way to begin this process is to help those at the frontline of education – teachers, trainers etc – to improve their understanding of how our minds work, and can be mastered, to better equip our young people for the lives ahead of them.

Islanda is working with leadership teams and educators in schools and colleges to help improve young minds in order to optimise their ability to learn and their chances of living more fulfilled, happy lives, whatever path they choose.     

“Lisa has been inspirational for me, my staff and the children in my school. Her passion shines through and is infectious"
St Peter’s School, Croydon
“Islanda’s Mastermind Programme was a powerful and inspirational series of workshops. The entire team developed as a whole as well as individually. Lisa is a natural."
Managing Director

Our Services for Education


A programme to help trainers improve their own EQ skills and be better role models for their students to aspire to


A programme to teach emotional life skills to learners so they can respond more effectively to life’s challenges


A programme to help parents improve their own EQ skills so that they can support their children more effectively

Our Collaborations

Lisa is a co-founder and director of Journey to Success, a collaborative entity whose mission is to bring life skills to young people. We have combined our career coaching, emotional intelligence and gamification expertise to design engaging activities for young people. This will help them navigate their emotions, understand their skills and contributions, and plan for a better future. Our first product, recently demonstrated at BETT Show 2019, is an emotions game, “Name it to Tame it”, which aims to help players learn about emotions, understand their impact on behaviours and discover simple strategies to choose alternative responses.

Emotions game, 

Name it to Tame it”

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