When it’s fun, you work harder.

When you work harder, you get better” 

Eddie Jones, England Rugby Head Coach, November 2016

Sport is a big part of the Islanda story as we all participate in, and support, various sports including cricket, netball, golf, cycling, hockey, skiing, and other activities at different levels.

We launched a YouTube channel, Sanderstead CCTV, about grass roots cricket centred around our local club, Sanderstead, where Dan has been involved for over 30 years and where two of our children, James & Lucy, are carrying on the tradition.

If you are involved in sport you will understand how important fitness, technique, skills, practice and nutrition are to your performance and your chances of winning.

More recently, however, the focus has shifted to how mastering our minds can improve performance.

Mind training for sports teams and individuals is hailed as the next frontier in sports performance improvement and, in conjunction with clubs like Sanderstead CC, we are developing a pioneering sports mastermind programme.

"Loving the videos. Cricket is my life and this channel is a big part of it. Keep it up!"
ehrzone 24
Sanderstead CCTV subscriber
"I love your videos so much, your commentary is amazing and they also help me play good shots in cricket matches!"
Zack Warne
Sanderstead CCTV subscriber

“Bodies do not compete, people compete – with their body, mind and emotions” Joseph O’Connor

We developed our Play Smart Sports MasterMind Programme by adapting our successful and proven Emotional Intelligence for Leaders business programme. The core principles of mastering minds to create better futures is exactly the same. 

During lockdown we developed an online version for progressive forward-thinking sports teams who recognise that to perform at their best they need to work on their fitness and technical skills mentally as much as physically. 

Improving mental fitness and playing SMARTER will help you to:

  • Improve your performance;
  • Enhance mental and physical health & well-being;
  • Improve team cohesion; and
  • Make the whole experience more enjoyable and fun
All of which will optimise your results.

Play Smart Online Course

  • Easily consumed bite-sized lessons
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Self-paced learning
  • Low cost
  • Accessible on mobile & desktop
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Which area are you interested in?