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breakfast business mot programme

**Breakfast Business MOT Programme**

At Start Up Croydon Business Centre 

Next group starting January 2024

 Rather than grappling with your business strategy alone, schedule a regular time in your diary to work ON your business with a group of other like-minded business leaders and an independent expert to challenge your thinking and inspire new ideas. 

Create a habit of learning with our range of training options  

Life is busy and finding time to invest in personal development can feel impossible.  Recognising this challenge we have created a variety of formats that can be consumed in a way that fits different schedules and learning styles. 

Development Programmes

Half & Full Day Workshops

Lunch ‘n’ Learn Masterclass

Self-Directed Online Courses 

Our Lunch ‘n’ Learn format provides a short, yet effective, learning experience offered in a relaxed and lighter format. 

The content provides opportunities to open up conversations about what’s being experienced ’emotionally’ in a safe and facilitated space. Examples of topics available include:

  • Managing stress 
  • Increasing motivation
  • Creating a mindset for success

Sessions can be delivered online, for more flexibility, or in person. Why not provide refreshments as an added motivation!

Guide price: From £195 per online session

Lunch 'n' Learn Masterclass

Short interview on Mindset for Success Masterclass | Ash Kamat & Lisa Allen

Half & Full Day Workshops

This learning option is ideal for CPD training and team-building to develop emotional intelligence (EQ) skills to improve performance and wellbeing.

These workshops also provide an opportunity to work on strategic challenges with the benefit of an independent facilitator to manage the energy and guide the process. 

Examples of topics available include:

  • Managing conflict
  • Unlocking emotional intelligence with DISC
  • Self-care for optimal brain health 

Workshops can be developed to address specific challenges being experienced. 

Guide price: From £750 plus cost of additional EQ tools 

Our personal development programmes are ideal for focussing on specific strategic opportunities or challenges. They can be offered as an employee benefit to improve wellbeing as well having a positive impact on performance and results.

Examples of development programmes offered:

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Mental Fitness for Sports Players
  • Wellbeing for Educators

Programmes include a blend of workshops, 1-1 coaching and use of assessment tools.

Due to the bespoke nature of our programmes, prices vary accordingly.

Personal Development Programmes

online course

Self-directed Online Courses

This low cost flexible learning experience can also be provided as an accompaniment to the in person personal development programmes and is ideal for fitting around busy schedules and supporting behavioural transformation. Each course provides:

  • Easily consumed bite-sized learning
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • Accessibility on mobile & desktop devices 

Find out more about our two online courses below  

Course for individuals to learn how to thrive in today’s complex world developing personal mastery and emotional intelligence skills.

Price: £100 per login (discounted for multiple logins) 

Course for sports players to develop mental fitness. 

Price: £29 per login (discounted for multiple logins) 

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