Could Your Strengths Be Sabotaging Success?

Are your strengths providing the best outcomes? Or could they be sabotaging your success? Or dominating the show, holding back other talents from shining through?

Throughout our lives we develop strengths – some are gifts we are born with, others are developed through our life experiences, learning and modelling of others.

Most of us have an idea of what they are.

We learn to leverage them.

We promote them.

Others value us for them.

And as a result of engaging our strengths to the best of our ability, we create the best outcomes.

Or do we?

Often yes, but not always.

So how can we use them better?

In short, by being more intentional and adaptable. Choosing the right talent for the right situation which could mean letting go of what you would typically do and developing new talents.

Think of your strengths as dials on the mixing deck shown above.

Assess the situation and consider:

  • What capabilities will achieve the best outcome?
  • What capabilities could hinder progress?

Then turn off the autopilot and adjust the dials to suit the situation. For example, you might dial down a core strength (or even switch it off) and dial up other less used capabilities.

Not only will this achieve a better result, it also allows you to develop other capabilities into new strengths.

For example, I have often been identified as a metaphorical ‘rock’ – being dependable, reliable, resilient, consistent and strong.

These qualities served me well, helping me professionally and personally.

Then, last summer, it dawned on me that these qualities weren’t working as well anymore. In fact, they were causing a problem! detailed in this article. 

They were getting in the way of development and growth for both myself and others who had come to rely on them.

To progress, I needed to dial down my ‘Be Strong’ pattern and dial up qualities such as flexibility, acceptance and compassion.

And the result – my daughter has grown immensely, emotionally and practically, collaborative partnerships are working better, I am getting better at asking for what I need and saying ‘no’ and I have renewed energy, more self-awareness and far more creativity.

So here’s your challenge:

You have strengths, gifts and qualities that you are known for and are your ‘go to’ responses, but are you using them optimally?

Six Seconds have identified 18 key competencies or talents, being the unique, powerful capabilities to create positive change.

Use this chart to identify your core strengths and other talents you want to dial up or down to suit each situation.

Six Seconds Brain Talents

I hope this inspired you to reflect on how you are engaging your talents.

If you would like help identifying your core brain talents why not take the Six Seconds Brain Talent Profile Assessment questionnaire. Please get in touch with me at [email protected].

Here’s to your success. Happy mixing!

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