Tips for getting unstuck

How To Get Yourself Moving When You’re Feeling Stuck

Are you feeling stuck?
  • Are you thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions, unsure about what to do or even where to start?
  • Do you feel upset or regretful about something in the past that you can’t move on from?
  • Do you have a habit of procrastinating, thinking about what you could, or should do, and the more you think about it, the more paralysed you feel, unable to take action

Or maybe you just feel fed up with where you are now and want to progress.

Feeling stuck is common, in fact, at some level our brains like being stuck as it feels familiar, and psychologically ‘safe’.


But if you’re feeling frustrated being that metaphorical stuck record, use this week’s tool to:


Make a plan;

Make it easy;



Doing nothing is a choice, which is keeping you stuck. Doing something is the antidote.

I know this sounds simple, but it really does work:


  • Action creates energy;
  • Moving in any direction will take you to a different place, providing a different perspective and different insights
  • Action is real, thoughts are perceptions;
  • Action is a sign that you are taking control;
  • When you start moving, you are no longer stuck!
A few words of warning:


Be mindful of using activity as a way of avoiding something, soothing yourself or distracting your mind from focussing on the real priorities.


And don’t get caught in the trap of wearing the BUSY badge of honour. Remember: it’s not doing that is important, it’s doing the RIGHT thing.


The key is to ensure you are investing your time, and managing your energy wisely, by taking the right actions.


The technique accessed by clicking the button below will help you:


  • Decide on your top priorities;  
  • Stay on track; and
  • Be more intentional

So you achieve more, feel better and make progress in ways that are important to you

I do this activity every month until I have created a momentum of energy for that area or project. I then change the focus to a new project or priority. Over time I revisit old priorities and repeat the process.


Download the template below and give it a go.

And finally…

If you like this idea and think it might help someone you know please share this with them.

And if you have any questions or need support please get in touch with me at [email protected].

Have fun!

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