Road Trip

5 things to do before setting off on your journey

And so the adventure for this year begins…

Stage 1: Preparing for the Journey – 5 things to do before you set off

It’s January 2021 and you are about to set off on your journey through 2021, and much like a road trip there are a few things that you should do before you set off to make sure your trip is a success. Sometimes using a metaphor is a better way to unpack what’s in your mind, formulate a plan and create a strategy, as it enables you to think contextually and rise above the detail where you can get caught up in your usual patterns of thinking, behaving and believing.

So, using the analogy of a road trip, decide on how you will enjoy your journey through 2021, make progress on your priorities and achieve any specific outcomes.

# 1 Decide on your Destination

  1. Why are you taking the trip? What are you hoping to achieve? What’s important? What is the purpose? For example it could be to:
  • Discover, explore or learn
  • Meet someone
  • Have fun or an experience
  • Do something or achieve a specific outcome
  1. What is the best destination to fulfil this purpose?

Set an initial destination that ticks the boxes to achieve your purpose – this can alter but you need to set a course of direction before you start

# 2 Ensure you have any essential pre-requisites in place

  1. Does anything need to be in place before you get started? eg insurance
  2. What skills do you need? eg being able to drive
  3. What resources do you need? eg fuel, car qualities – speed, size, comfort etc, company, map reader, packed items for when you get there etc

#3 Preparing for the journey – what might you need?

  1. Prepare for minor challenges or mishaps eg puncture repair kit, breakdown support, first aid kit for minor injuries, kit for different weather conditions etc
  2. What will keep you going? eg snacks, entertainment 

# 4 Decide on the regular pitstops 

  1. Identify key points for the 4 Rs – rest, recharge, reflection and resetting the course
  2. How will you monitor progress? eg distance travelled, moving in the right direction, key milestones, enjoyment of the journey
  3. How will you celebrate your progress? whilst this might seem like an unnecessary activity it is an extremely valuable source of energy as it reignites the passion for the journey as well as providing an emotional anchor for future low moments when the journey is monotonous, arduous or challenges arise.

#5 Leaving where you are now

  1. Identify anything that needs to be completed or closed down before you leave
  2. Maintenance plan eg who/what needs to happen to maintain anything important
  3. Decide on final actions before set off to ensure you are in the best possible state to begin your journey

As leaders we can sometimes jump from idea into action because we can and because we feel that actions are the true sign of progress. However, the wrong actions will take you to wrong destination and they can reinforce sub-optimal patterns.

Taking time to plan and create a strategy is time well spent.

Here’s to a great 2021 road trip – where will you go?

For inspiration or support in discovering your purpose or working on how you will get there please connect with me, comment or get in touch with me at [email protected] Take care and stay well.


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