Overcome fear

Stop Fear from Controlling You

Conquer fear, take control…

We all have fears…it’s part of our survival instinct… fear of failure, criticism, rejection, missing out, not being liked, not being good enough, uncertainty, change – the list goes on.

And whilst the feeling of fear is valid, as it highlights what’s important to us and what’s at stake, our response to fear is often far from optimal.

Indeed, our response may actually be sabotaging our success, providing even further validation for fear. The self-fulfilling prophecy!

Improving your self-awareness as to what triggers fear for you, and how you typically respond when you feel it, is the FIRST STEP.

When you are aware, you are able to choose a better response that will meet your needs, and achieve what you want.

Here are a few resources to help you conquer fear and take control:

Understand your TRIGGERS

What makes you feel unsafe or threatened?

Click here to download the PDF and start taking control of your fears.


Feel the FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY

Whatever your anxieties, this book will give you insights and tools to improve your ability to handle any situation.

This easy to read book is great for anyone who feels that fear is controlling them or stopping them from living the life they want.

Click here to buy the book.

And in case you missed this article…

Open up a conversation with FEAR

Understand what it’s telling you, what’s important to you and what you need. Click here to read the full article

And finally, use opportunities like ‘scary’ Halloween activities, to practise feeling fear in a fun way – in short, get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

Life isn’t about feeling only good feelings, it’s about experiencing the full range of feelings, and using them to guide our actions so we fulfil our needs and live our best lives #TimeForEQ

I hope this inspires you to reflect on how fear could be driving your behaviours and actions.

Please share these ideas with others if you think it might help.

And if you need more inspiration, support or you’d like a sounding board, do get in touch with me at [email protected] 

Until next time…Happy Halloween!


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