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Do Your Energy Levels Change With The Seasons?

It’s November, summer is a distant memory, the days are getting shorter and the colder weather is setting in, leading many of us to ‘feel’ different.

Some people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sometimes known as “winter depression”. This is thought to be linked to the lack of sunlight impacting the production of melatonin, serotonin and the body’s internal clock.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Herein lies an opportunity to counter seasonal dips in energy using our emotions and actions.

So what can you do?

Here are a few wellbeing hacks to lift your energy, and produce some of those energising neurochemicals:

  • Acknowledge how you feel without judgement. Be kind to yourself and check any negative self-talk;
  • Be curious about your feelings, what messages could they be giving you? For example: low energy moods often follow periods of excitement, stress or ‘busyness’ indicating a need for reflection and restoration Or they can indicate that something important is missing from your life. What could that be and what can you do?;
  • Make a plan – when we set goals, or plan something for the future, it triggers dopamine, also known as “the molecule of more” increasing our energy levels and helping us do more;
  • Connect with others and share how you are feeling. Remember emotions are contagious and being with people that lift your energy (and avoiding those mood hoovers!) can make all the difference;
  • Carry out acts of kindness. When we give to others (especially when it’s unexpected) it triggers oxytocin, sometimes known as the “bonding molecule”, in them and us, a win win for both;
  • Be active – having a walk, or moving in some way, creates energy, naturally lifting your mood and energy levels

An alternative approach is to lean into the lower energy period and accept that your body wants to slow down. It’s ok to do less, being busy is not always productive. Focus on what is important and discard all those activities that are actually not that important.  

Tips for increasing energy

Please share this idea wit anyone who you feel might benefit from it. 

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As always, here’s to a life of success. Until next time!

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