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Are your people aligned with your Vision and Values?

Are they being the best versions of themselves? 

Are their minds set for growth?

Our MasterMind Programme addresses these questions with a rewarding and enjoyable approach, designed to optimise learning by taking into account how our brains function. As a result, you will see positive, tangible and permanent changes in your people as they become masters of their own minds enabling them to be more effective for your business and for themselves.

How does it work? What's involved?

Our programme focuses on three different levels within your organisation: 

  • Individuals – raising self-awareness and an ability to act more intentionally
  • Relationships – improving how people interact with others
  • Environment – creating an environment that supports the desired behaviours 
Format of the Programme

Whilst the exact format of the Programme will be tailored to your specific objectives and circumstances, there are a number of core elements including:

One to one sessions at different stages:

Discovery session – this is usually the very first session for participants.  This in-depth session uses a well-honed discovery process to explore the ‘whole person’ and lasts for 90 minutes. It also enables participants to ask any questions about the Programme and set some personal and business objectives so that everyone starts the workshops understanding its context and how they will benefit from it.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Report Debrief – this coaching session takes each participant through their own personalised Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report, based on the Six Seconds EQ Model. This enables them to understand there current blend of EQ skills and how they can use the learning from the workshops to leverage or develop their EQ skills to achieve their personal and business objectives.

Follow up – this coaching session takes place after the final workshop and enables participants to reflect on the whole Programme and apply the concepts learned to define their personal growth plan


The Programme includes a number of workshops covering a variety of topics including:

  • High level understanding of how the brain works and how to master it for better outcomes 
  • Activities to develop the EQ competencies defined in the Six Seconds EQ Model
  • Tools and techniques to improve social connections, communication and collaboration 

The Programme is run over a period of 3-4 months to support behavioural transformation which often involves creating or modifying habits for success. By spacing out the one to one sessions and workshops there is a blend of learning and support. Participants find this an invaluable way for them to apply their learning to their own experience and define next steps that feel right to them in terms of style, pace and practical challenges. 

Why now?

The following mega trends are driving the demand for an increased focus on building people in business:

  • Increased emotional intelligence is now proven to be the most effective way for ambitious businesses to develop an ‘edge’ in an evermore complex and competitive world
  • People are increasingly seeking more purposeful career choices that are aligned with their own values
  • People and businesses are seeking and increasingly understanding the benefit of reducing or eliminating work-related stress

Businesses perform significantly better if they focus more on getting the best out of their people

“Islanda’s MasterMind Programme was a powerful and inspirational series of workshops. The entire team developed as a whole as well as individually. Lisa is a natural.” 

MD, Jancett Group

“Lisa has been inspirational for me, my staff and the children in my school. Her passion shines through and is infectious.”    

Head, St Peter’s School, Croydon

For more information, please contact Lisa at [email protected] 

Frequently asked questions:

Who is this suitable for?

This Programme is perfect for individuals or teams who want to maximise their own performance and have a positive impact on the people around them.

What is the maximum number of people in a workshop?

Individual group sizes vary and can be accommodated.  However for optimum engagement and impact both during and after the programme, where participants support each other’s personal growth, we recommend a more intimate group of between 6 and 12 participants.

How much does it cost?

The investment for a typical programme for 10 participants including 3 one to one sessions and 3 half day workshops would be between £7,000 and £10,000. Based on feedback received from particpants the return on your investment will be experienced in several ways:

  • Improved productivity due to better decision-making, communication and collaboration within the team but also with other people in the participants’ circle of influence
  • More effective and efficient meetings where group decisions can be made with greater buy in
  • Less stress (at home and at work, both of which have an impact on performance, attendance and retention) 
  • Less management and staff time dealing with ’emotional issues’
  • Improved atmosphere which has an impact on anyone who is connected to the business   

Can the workshops be run as one intensive workshop instead of a series of workshops?

The workshops can be combined to suit scheduling constraints. However, we recommend that to support behavioural transformation the Programme should be run over a period of at least 3 months.

Is there a taster workshop?

If you would like an experience of what is involved we run a half day ‘Unlocking EQ’ workshop that provides an introduction to all the concepts.

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