Islanda Business Programmes – Team Building

Are you harnessing the full potential of your people?

Would you like to build a high performing team?

Would you like your people to rise to the challenge and move from merely co-operation to creation and collaboration? 

Our Team-Building Workshops are designed to improve the performance of specific teams. They build on the foundation workshop of our MasterMind Programme that provides an overview of how our brains function. 

The workshops offer an engaging and enjoyable approach that explores:

  • the gifts and challenges of different behavioural styles and skills  
  • how the blend of styles has an impact on the effectiveness of the team
  • how to work more creatively and collaboratively 
Format of the Workshops

There are a number of options that we offer for building effective team. The exact format of a workshop will be tailored to your specific objectives, experiences and challenges, and will incorporate some of the following:

Assessment Tools 

We offer a range of personal profiling assessment tools to explore the strengths and challenges of individual team members as well as the team as a whole. The recommended tool will depend on the objectives of the business and the team. Participants will take an assessment questionnaire prior to the workshop and the results will be reviewed as a group and/or individually as appropriate. 

Group Talents and Challenges

We explore the talents and challenges of the team in delivering the current context for the business in order to develop a group growth plan to leverage skills and develop any gaps in skill levels.

Team Charter

We provide a facilitated process for creating a ‘Team Charter’ that defines the ground rules for working together more effectively. This enables teams to build an environment of trust where team members can feel ‘psychologically safe’. There are a number of elements to the charter, including:

  • Defining the core values of the team together with the behaviours that demonstrate those values
  • Agreeing how feedback will be offered and received in a positive way so that it is used for learning and growth and not seen as negative or ‘criticism’
  • Establishing ways to manage conflict and disagreement in an open and transparent forum
  • How to support each other individually and collectively through times of difficulty and challenge
Tools and techniques for working creatively

We explore a number of techniques for optimising creative thinking and strategising that enable team members to modify their personal styles and behaviour patterns. This can be particularly helpful where a team has a dominant style or pattern that may not be the most effective approach to overcome the current challenges. 

“When it is fun, you work harder. When you work harder – you get better” 

Eddie Jones, England Rugby Coach

For more information, please contact Lisa at [email protected] 

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