Islanda Business Programmes – Vision & Values

Are your vision and values defined and understood?

Are your people aligned with them?

Are the conditions right for them to perform at their best?

Our Vision and Values process addresses these questions with a fun, immersive and rewarding approach that encourages full engagement before, during and after each team workshop.

So what is involved? How does it work?

The exact format of a Vision & Values process varies from client to client as it will depend on several factors such as the structure of your business, the number and influence of your staff, your budget and practicalities around when a team workshop can be held without having a negative impact on your business service.


We will agree the most appropriate way to define the Vision and Values for your business including:

  • Who should be involved (staff, contractors, other interested parties etc)
  • If not all staff are involved how their views will be sought and how the output from the workshop will be cascaded through the business to ensure buy in
  • How to communicate with your staff about the programme including any preparation work they need to complete
  • Where to hold the workshop and any set up requirements

We will define a clear running order and will facilitate the workshop fully to ensure the Vision and Values are independently formed without any personal bias and that all viewpoints are expressed without judgement. 

We believe that it is important for everyone involved to be able to participate fully. We find that this process can be a source of great insights as it is a great opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts and opinions in a ‘psychologically safe’ and open environment. 

Follow up

We will send a summary report summing up the output from the day and we will meet with you, ideally within a week of the workshop, to:

  • Reflect on the workshop and any feedback received
  • Formulate the next steps for implementation of the Vision and Values throughout your business including how you might adapt the environment so that it too is aligned

Why now?

The following mega trends are driving the demand for an increased focus on businesses building a positive culture:

  • In a more competitive world businesses are seeking new ways to stand out from their competition
  • In an increasingly stressful world businesses are focussing more on reducing or eliminating work-related stress
  • Businesses are increasingly recruiting people based on culture rather than skills. “Hire the attitude, teach the skills”

People build businessesemotions drive people

Your Vision & Values connects your people to your business emotionally, driving its commercial success 

For more information please contact Lisa at [email protected] 

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