Islanda Personal Programmes – helping you be your best

Would you like to feel more energised and for work to not feel like work? 

Do you want to have a greater impact?

Do you feel there is more to life than you are currently experiencing? 

Our Personal Programmes will support you through your transformation. The exact format of the sessions will be unique to you and will depend on what you would like to achieve, how much support you feel you need and how fast you want to go (you set the direction, pace and level of engagement). An overview of the different elements is set out below:

Discovery – to understand yourself – what makes you tick and  your patterns 

This in-depth session uses a well-honed discovery process to explore the “true you“. It involves completing a discovery questionnaire (prior to the session) that provides the focus for the session which usually lasts for around 90 minutes. However, we recommend that you allow at least 2 hours for this session to ensure that you are in the most optimum state for open discussion ie relaxed and have sufficient time to reflect afterwards as this session can be extremely insightful and you will want to harness the insights for moving forward more effectively.

MasterMind – to understand how your brain functions in order to enhance your life experience and performance 

These coaching sessions focus on how your brain works and how your current habits and patterns are influencing your current experience. The sessions are 60 minutes and are directed towards an area of your life or goal that you would like to work on or that will have the biggest impact on you. We explore techniques to either create new habits and patterns or ‘tweak’ existing ones so that you start to achieve your desired results.   

Transformation – to create a strategy and specific actions for you to live more intentionally with a sense of fulfilment

These coaching sessions provide a structured action plan and a level of support for you during the period of implementation. We develop strategies and actions to re-align your current situation with your purpose, building habits and patterns that will support your success. Each session is 60 minutes

“My life has been transformed as a result of my coaching sessions with Lisa. I have set and achieved goals I would not have thought possible just 12 months ago”

Cindy, Animal Welfare

“An extremely positive and edifying experience, arming me with a greater understanding of myself to move forward with confidence and self-belief”    

Eileen, Learning & Development

“If someone finds themselves in a position of ‘I have so much more to give but where do I start…’ then Lisa is the best person to bring out the best in you.” 

Thomas, Recruitment Consultant 

For more information, please contact Lisa at [email protected] 

Frequently asked questions:

What type of person is this suitable for?

Our programmes are suitable for anyone who is keen to grow personally, is prepared to get stuck in, is open to ideas and feels there is more to life than they are currently experiencing.

What if I don’t really know what I want or I don’t have a specific goal?

Many clients are uncertain about specific goals at the outset, they just know that they want to be somewhere different to where they are now. You will know what’s working or indeed, what isn’t and that is a great starting point. By going through the process you will gain clarity about what is really important to you and what that might look like in reality. 

How will I know what type of session I need?

This does not need to be defined at the outset and is usually something that evolves as you gain more clarity. However, we would usually recommend that everyone engages with a discovery session as this is such an insightful process and will inform the next steps. 

Where will the sessions take place?

Most sessions take place via Skype or phone so you can be in the comfort of familiar surroundings. If practical, location wise, we can meet face to face if you would prefer.  

How many sessions will I need?

As you might expect, there is no hard or fast rule for how many sessions you might need as this really depends on what you would like to achieve, how much support you feel you need and how much effort you put in between sessions. Our experience suggests that some clients find the discovery session extremely powerful and insightful and is enough to kickstart their own personal transformation journey. However, most clients find that they need 3-4 sessions to have sufficient clarity and strategic techniques to create the life they want to live.Furthermore, some clients engage in phases, having a few sessions then taking a break to progress on their own and then returning for more sessions for a reset and energy boost.  

Do I need to complete the discovery questionnaire?

The discovery questionnaire is an in-depth tool for exploring your past, your current experience and your aspirations for the future. Whilst it is not essential, from our experience we believe this upfront effort is repaid in spades as the reflective process of completing the questionnaire and then reviewing it massively accelerates your self-awareness a key ingredient for transformation. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, ‘Awareness is the greatest agent for change”. 

How frequently should I have sessions?

Again, this is a personal preference and depends on what you would like to achieve, the level of support you need, your timescale, practicalities and indeed, the amount of time you are able to commit to the whole process. In our experience sessions are at least a week apart with most being fortnightly or monthly. Some clients schedule their sessions around milestone dates or events so that they are able to reflect more comprehensively on what has changed.

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